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Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO)
We Seek an Equitable Society free from all Discriminations


Sustainable Enterprises Project (SEP)


Thakurgaon, Dinajpur

Poverty is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. Lack of skills is directly related with extreme poverty. ESDO address this issue and develop skill among ultra poor and extreme marginalized segment of the society and create an opportunity of wage employment. For ensuring employment in Monga period ESDO has established a different handicrafts programme named `aroni.’ Every year the extreme poor households in northwest Bangladesh face a very critical time from mid September to mid November. During this period, poor people don’t find work to earn their food in the locality. No employment means no income and as a result, starvation is the common phenomena in Monga period of marginalized households. In order to overcome Monga and creation of employment opportunities, ARONI has been evolved as an enterprise of ESDO in 2005. It has brought about a considerable change for the poor in their livelihood through creating access to income generating activities for the women throughout the year. Due to constraint of financial resources, ESDO has been continuing this initiative with a very limited way, but an wider opportunity has exist in terms of the extension of this initiative and ESDO established Aroni Mustard Oil Social Business Initiative . Through this initiative, 100 ultra poor household directly gained wage employment opportunity and 1000 small and marginal farmer gained as contract farmer for mustered production , which have significantly reduced food and nutrition vulnerabilities of this area. ESDO played like a catalyst of the project and maintain all coordination among un- skill, skill youth and private sector. Through this nitiative targeted households developed their capacity and sustainable opportunity opened for them and it creates enabling position for their family as well for local community on the context of empowerment, health and nutrition situation improvement and up-gradation of livelihood.